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Monday, October 29, 2012

Creating a small institutional site

Every now and then non-tech friends ask me to get their startup’s site up and running. Usually I tend to choose Joomla for the flexibility, but sometime it’s just an overkill. Just keeping Joomla security updates is something I really don’t want to think about.

So this time, for my dear sister-in-law Sofia pre-scool project, I’ve tried out Weebly. In a couple of hours I’ve chosen a template, defined the organic, uploaded some content and photos and here’s the result: chuvadepapel.com:


To be true this is not entirely free, as I chose to pay for the domain (chuvadepapel.weebly.com was the free version). Ok, this is just the bare minimum needs for a static site, don’t expect too much. But it’s simple to edit, and costs nothing o manage. Cool.


PS: on the next opportunity, I’ll probably try out wix.com.

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