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Monday, June 16, 2008

Apple report

Now that I have my Mac for some weeks, here's what I feel about OSX:

  • Not so different from Windows anymore - at least as I expected.
  • More app support now.
  • Above all, a simple and elegant OS. Windows is packaged with feature most don't use. OSX still lacks some of them, but they are being added with each version.
  • Being Unix-like is a life-saver to me! And lots of fun. Though some interesting software Linux doesn't get proper support on OSX - not unlike what happens on Windows...

What I lack:
  • some USB drivers support
  • that cool utility I've found - and only gets Windows support
  • a decent 2 buttons mouse (I know, I could just hook up a 10€ one...)
  • Vista's explorer! Finder is just too simple.
  • interesting enough, stability (when firefox, WindowServer or ATSServer start wasting 200% CPU, I'm in trouble...). Probably because of repeated ofenses from an inexperienced Mac OS user, I admit. Nevertheles, unstable.
  • writing on NTFS - I've just trashed my NTFS external drive after 2 weeks using MacFuse and NTFS-3G. Don't have a clue about what happened, it just returns a lot of -47 and -36 errors. Vista, Windows 2008 Server and XP can't mount it anymore.
I'll try and recover what I can from my external drive and re-install OSX. It will be fun!

Bottom line is: get an OSX, but keep your XP, Vista and your favorite Linux distro. Techno-diversity is here to stay :)

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