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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Installing Windows 7 on my Dell Latitude D830

Ok, after trashing my Windows Server 2008 with Azure .NET Services (yes, WCF stopped working), I've finally got the excuse I needed to install Windows 7.

The installed version was the PDC one, build 6801, a x64 version. Installed like a charme, asked for a serial but continue working without it.

To be honest, I didn't found much differences from Vista. Even on memory usage, on my D830 it used 848MB of mem on startup, and 15,8GB of disk.

About the new features most of them have already been written by others. About the experience, most applications that failed to install on my Server 2008 (because they were desktop apps) did install on Windows 7. I'm posting from Windows Live, without need of any hacking to install on Windows 7.

After writting this post I'll install a Windows Server 2008, or maybe a Vista just to get a better experience. So why didn't I kept Windows 7?

  1. It's pre-beta material, and for much that I wanted to try it, I still have to work for a living :)
  2. I've found explorer too buggy <update>Directly over a UNC path. Locally it seems to work sjust fine</update>
  3. I couln'd get to sync my HTP 3300
  4. I have a couple of important documents to write until next tuesday...

Until we meet again, Windows 7 :)

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