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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Noda Time: the Joda Time .Net version

Traditionally dates have never been properly addressed on the development community. First we compacted years on a couple of digits (remember the 2000 year mess?), then we stored them on strings (not particularly bright, I’m afraid), and nowadays we finally typified them onto a datetime structure. But still we didn’t get it right.

Datetime implementations both on .NET and java are still not there. From the inability some have representing the datetime on a format other than the localdate, to non standard, non extensive, buggy and slow implementations, datetime is not yet a first class citizen.

Joda Time is an API intended to replace Java date and time classes. Here’s the .NET version, Noda Time, and the announcement from Jon Skeet.

PS: by the way, Jon Skeet is considered the “Chuck Norris” of the programming community (his stackoverflow reputation is 142,008). He presently works at Google and wrote C# in Depth. Here is a compilation of Jon Skeet Facts:

  • Jon Skeet is immutable. If something’s going to change, it’s going to have to be the rest of the universe.
  • Jon Skeet’s addition operator doesn’t commute – it teleports to where he needs it to be.
  • Anonymous methods and anonymous types are really all called Jon Skeet. They just don’t like to boast.
  • Jon Skeet’s code doesn’t follow a coding convention. It is the coding convention.
  • Jon Skeet doesn’t have performance bottlenecks. He just makes the universe wait its turn.
  • Users don’t mark Jon Skeet’s answers as accepted. The universe accepts them out of a sense of truth and justice.

One of the 2 is for sure: other Jon Skeet is a facade for a large community of developers or he just doesn’t sleep!

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