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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome

Nothing much to say here. Google now has it's browser, Google Chrome. It is opensourced, light and minimalist, fast and easy to use. WebKit is a fast rendering engine, V8 promises to be a faster javascript engine. RIA experience will most probably explode, and this is the best news. Tab fault isolation is my preferred feature. Next is the well designed tab memory management,

Not all Chrome's features are new - Firefox and IE8 share some if not most of them.

For now it is quite harmless, but when armed with a future Google minimalist OS, and over Google minimalist window manager, will bring end to end autonomy to Google. Can't it be possible that nobody cares about being totally controlled by Google?

Now I'm beginning to understand those conspiracy theory lunatics warning us about aliens and underground politics ...


My current experience: IE8 is now the browser that uses less memory. Followed by Chrome (it problably didn't have a chance to make use of it tab memory management features). Firefox3 is absolutely disastrous - please note, I'm loading 7 or 8 add-ins. Some thing with startup time.


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