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Monday, September 08, 2008

Market Share

After a brief discussion about Firefox / IE market share with my colleagues, I've (arbitrary) decided to trust MarketShare to tell me this kind of info. According to them, IE falled to 72.15%, and Firefox is still gaining track with 19,73%. Last October it was 78.36% / 14.97%.

Can you suggest a better stats report?


Marco said...

Browser statistics

Other interesting statistics in the same site.


Mário Romano said...

Thanks for the tip, Marco. Pay attention these are taken from W3Schools' log-files, so as with any other stats, they have to be read with care. These may count as geek usage stats (Firefox: 43.7%, global reports should be around 20%?? to 24%??). This is my private analysis and can be a controversial.

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