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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back in action

These last weeks have been just crazy! We've been preparing the Dynamics Nav advanced distribution presentation and the techdays.pt stand (yes, mom, all those years studying to end up selling at a fair :S ). Now I've finally got some time to blog and to install Windows Server 2008 as my desktop - an experience soon to be posted on devCatharsis.

I've been working a lot over RFID for the last year, so my presentations evolved mostly around the supply chain RFIDization. Beside Nav itself, we've presented a standard integration with an external ERP (a cool RFID-enabled demo application from Microsoft China), and finally closed the supply chain circuit with our Dynamics Nav RFID Extension, responsible for the palette and contents reception and checking against the previously received ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice). Dynamics NAV RFID Extension relies on BizTalk RFID and WCF to leverage the communication between the interrogators and Nav 4 & 5.

Link Consulting has presented some cool sessions on techday.pt, namely:

RFID is not all of our offering we presented at techdays.pt, more like my present focus. On the stand we also presented:

  • SmartCities
    • Digital Parkmeter
  • Internet of Things
    • Dynamics NAV + RFID
    • Mobile Ticketing
  • Internet of Services
    • eDocLink document management
    • eGovernment solutions (over MOSS)
    • Process Automation
    • Urban Management

And that's it. Hopefully the next post will be a geekier one :)

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