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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Upgrading to Windows Mobile 6

Yes, I know, why does a guy like me, the typical geek hooked up with the next beta OS, waited so long to upgrade WM from 5 to 6? Well, a phone is a phone, and I must confess: I was really afraid something wrong could happen, so the backup process was a lengthy one.

This weekend I've finally decided to upgrade. I've started by copying all I could to my desktop. Then synced up my HTC 3300, copied some configuration, downloaded a trial version of Sprite Backup and started the final backup procedures.

One of the reason I've chosen HTC 3300 over 3600 was the promise of WM6 support, and it paid off. Just registered an account and the serial number, and downloaded the official ROM (in Portuguese!).

The ROM upgrade couldn't be more simple, and 10 minutes later WM6 was up and running, with all the HTC software installed. Tomtom was also installed, the only thing I've really missed were the input modes (now I only have the virtual keyboard...).

Restoring data was incredibly simple using Sprite Backup, it even restored the phone call list. The only configuration I'll have to restore manually is the network/dialup/VPN connection settings. You can always depend only on Active Sync to restore most of your needs.

So if you were afraid to get into a messy upgrade process, you can loose you fears. Your phone will probably be up and running in half an hour.

PS: my provider is TMN, and yes, the phone still works :)

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