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Friday, March 27, 2009

Visual Studio Team System 2010

I’ve been trying to write for some time over the cool new features of Visual Studio Team System 2010. Finally someone better then me did the work for me :) Great little digest from Bill Maurer presentation.

Here are the features I like the most:

  • Application Tier Load Balancing and Failover (I’m managing a 2008 TFS and boy if it fails I’m f*****)
  • Branch Visualization
  • Parallel & distributed builds
  • Gated Check-in
  • Camano (test case management interface focused on requirements)
  • Test Lab Virtualization
  • Historical Debugger
  • Sending a “core dump” to a development team to recreate the process
  • UML. I’m kind of divided on this one, not only because of my old doubts over the expression capability of UML against DSLs, but also because of the limited UML support (ex: we can’t express all the structured artifacts on a use case, we have to use an unstructured text field). Though interesting on the integration perspective…

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