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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Windows7 setup

Here’s a cool experience: on the same laptop, I’ve timed the time it took to install Windows 7 and Ubuntu 8.10, configure networking and browse an internet page. Here are the results:

Windows 7 23 minutes
Ubuntu 8.10 26 minutes

Let me start by setting a disclaimer: this was hardly a scientific experience, some idle time on each installation could seriously affect the results, and as you may imagine I wasn’t fully devoted to these tasks. So this can only be read as an indicator, nothing else. But given the fact that Ubuntu fits on a CD and Windows 7 uses a DVD, the results are quite impressive.

To be honest I though that Ubuntu would loose for much more, the experience I had on older hardware was just too bad.

My conclusion can only be: it won’t be for the installation time that we won’t install these two.

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