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Thursday, April 16, 2009

We’ve finally found the D830 substitute!

image After a disappointing benchmark of a Vostro 1510, I’ve asked for a Latitude E5500 for try out. It was considerably better than Vostro (I’ll post the experience one of this days), at an affordable price. But it still had some problems:

  • no graphic card option other than the onboard
  • no connectors on the back! Too crowded on the sideways
  • 4GB memory limit
  • No 64 bits official support
  • No e-sata support

But we had a break and I’ve managed to get a hand on a Latitude E6500. And let’s say I’ve loved it! Compared to E5500:

  • there’s a dedicated memory graphic card as an option
  • Some connectors are on the back – where they belong
  • 8GB limit
  • 64 bits support
  • e-sata

More important than the benchmarks, the usage experience was great. Working on VMWare Player and Virtual PC was fast enough for our needs. And I didn’t expect any difference here to E5500, the specs are pretty much the same…

We’ve successfully tried:

All I have to complaint is:

  • One less USB (only 2). Oh well, everyone should have a stand with an USB hub, anyway
  • On the unit I’ve tried, the LCD cover was a bitter unstable – it went back and forward as we pushed it

Here’s one of the simplest benchmarks I value the most (on Windows 7 build 7077):

e6600 windiws7 build 7077

Cool results!

D830 is dead. Long live E6500 :)

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