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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Overclocking my Windows Mobile

I’m still using my old HTC 3300 (201 MHz), so if something I need is speed. I’m trying out Pocket Hack Master, and here’s my experience:

  • It can be safely overclocked to 260 MHz
  • It doesn’t seem to run any hotter, and it doesn’t waist significantly more battery
  • underclocking has an annoying effect: the display starts to flicker; only acceptable from 150 MHz up

Pocket master has a cool option: change the clock on the presence of specific apps, maybe I’ll give it a try underclocking to 65 MHz and overclocking on the presence of all the apps I use. Hopefully my battery will last longer, since I’ve activated push mail I’m arriving home with something like 10 to 20% battery left, without using GPS :(


Unfortunately the “Application speeds” strategy failed… Some apps insist on staying in memory after exit. This happens with the phone app, for starter…


<update II>

From Pocket Hack Mobile’s site:

The energy that a typical processor consumes is a square function of its clock rate. This means that a CPU running at 100MHz consumes eight times less energy than a processor running at 400MHz.

This is not the experience I’ve collected. Strange…

</update II>

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