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Friday, April 09, 2010

3rd General Assembly of RACE networkRFID

clip_image002[6]The 3rd General Assembly of RACE networkRFID was held at the new Frankfurt University campus on March 25th, 2010.

My company, Link, is an associated member of RACE networkRFID, a network designed to become a federating platform to the benefit of all European Stakeholders in the development, adoption and usage of RFID.

About the meeting itself you can follow the announcement at the public site. For now I’d like to make a reference to the RACE database of RFID use cases. The result of WP3, the RACE database of RFID use cases is now on-line and accessible to the members, who are strongly encouraged to connect and enter their use cases. We will soon start submitting some of the RFID we are working on, and I encourage all the readers to do the same. It’s free!

Quadro de Referência Estratégico NacionalIt was a great opportunity to share our experience and expectations over RFID, and above all to share the next generation of projects we are working on. In this respect I’ve had the opportunity to present to some of members our investment on rfrbNET project, a Track & Trace Federated Network. rfrbNet is co-financed by QREN (National Strategic Reference Framework), the framing for the application of the Community’s policy for economic and social cohesion in Portugal.

These meetings give us an opportunity to do some networking among the participants - I was naturally particularly interested on promoting rfrbNet.

And here we are:

3rd assembly

Here are some photos of our host, the new Frankfurt University campus:



Finally I had an opportunity to do a little sightseeing on Frankfurt. It’s a quite city with a curious blend of history and modernity. Here’s a dramatic (probably over photoshoped…) photo:


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