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Sunday, November 15, 2009

rfrbNET: RFID track & trace federated network

I’ve being devoting my last year to project rfrbNET, a RFID Track & Trace Federated Network (in Portuguese: Rede Federada de Rastreabilidade de Bens).

This project facilitates the building of a network of supply-chain participating peers over EPCGlobal standards. Objects represented by EPC tags transverse this peers, where these movements and respective business context is first captured and later delivered through a standard EPCIS interface. Although a reality right now, this interface is designed over a point-to-point logic, meaning you can query about EPC events directly against an EPCIS, but lacking the way to ask what EPCISes have information about these tags.

This problem is defined by the EPCGlobal as Discoverability, and is still a work in progress. To address the discoverability we have to solve problems like security, identity, privacy, protection of business data, policy rules and above all the architecture that can support it. To make it work, we have to frame it on a federation model that guarantee scalability and easy provisioning of accounts, and defining it's governance rules.

We are finishing the rfrbNET dissemination site, as soon as launch it announce it here.

Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional This project co-financed by the QREN (National Strategic Reference Framework), the framing for the application of the Community’s policy for economic and social cohesion in Portugal.

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