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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Combining open-source efforts

I was searching for a linear programming lib on codeplex for one of my geek personal projects when I found FSharp.MathTools and the following change of plans message:

FSharp.MathTools: Change of Plans

In the interest of having one great open source library for the .NET platform we have refocussed our efforts and are now contributing to dnAnalytics. dnAnalyticsnow includes all the functionality that was in FSharp.MathTools and much more. Although dnAnalytics is written as a C# library with the choice of including fast native code, we have added an F# front end to accomodate the functional programming community. The code for FSharp.MathTools will still be available from this site.
Cheers, Jurgen

Ok, lets go to dnAnalytics. Wait, on the first page I have a similar message:

NOTE: dnAnalytics is merging with Math.NET Iridium into a new project Math.NET Numerics - http://mathnetnumerics.codeplex.com/. The 2009.08 release will be the last release of dnAnalytics.

So up to Math.NET Numerics we go. And my task has ended, here’s the final stop. For now.

Why is this relevant? Because although we need diversity, we also need a steady direction and joined forces, and this is what those guys did. And this is probably a problem with the part of the open-source community that tends to prefer branching over merging. Probably not immune to NIHS?

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