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Monday, November 09, 2009

Joining the dark side of the force

I’ve finally embraced an old objective: to get my hands on a large-size J2EE project!

For years I’ve been working on Microsoft Platforms, and though I’ve started developing on Unix, java wasn’t present back on those days. And though I’ve been in contact with J2EE projects, these were usually small Master of Science projects, not the real thing.

This project will allow me to benchmark the two evil brothers. In my evaluation, here are my first thoughts:

  • Boy, do these environments starve for memory! Our typical .NET VMs can settle for 700MB of RAM, the J2EE are crying for 2.5GB…
  • Compared to these environment, the .NET platform is quite monolithic. The good side being: there’s way less to consider, projects tend to be more cohesive among themselves
  • Methodological these J2EE projects are more solid than .NET ones
  • On the other hand, the development experience in .NET is way better, the IDE is more robust and responsive
  • J2EE environments depend heavily on bunches of XML configuration files. .NET tend to depend on wizards and graphic DSL tooling
  • J2EE developers tend to accept with somewhat religious abnegation the shortcomings of their platform, .NET developers are not as forgiven


The baseline of our environment:

  • JBoss
  • JBoss Portal
  • ORM: hibernate
  • Container: this will be a subject for a future post…

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