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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just how much standard is EPCGlobal air interface?

The standardization of protocols is guarantee of:

  • Independence of hardware
  • Open-loop compliance

These concepts are fundamental for the modern supply chain, particularly for the competitiveness of the solutions and their economic viability. For this reason EPCGlobal defined standards, among them the tag air interface so that complaint interrogators can interact with compliant tags.

In my experience all the interrogators I’ve used can interact with all the tags. But there is an exception: we couldn’t read CAEN Temperature Logger UHF Semi-Passive Tag A927Z when using the IF61 Intermec interrogator. We can read it using a CAEN A928, but not with the Intermec. Not even the EPCID, let alone the data bank.

Ok, this is not your everyday logistic passive tag, but it EPC Gen2 compliant, so it should be read by any EPC Gen2 compliant interrogators.

We’ve being talking with Intermec and CAEN about it and the problem will soon be solved. But the problem still persists: for now, compliant certification is not enough, you’ll still have to depend on testing to guarantee it’s compliance.

Anyone else had this problems?


jeffzzang said...


We are having the same problem with the CAEN tag. Have you guys resolved the issue? If so, can you describe what the problem was? Thanks!

Mário Romano said...

I'm afraid we haven't solved it yet. We are in contact with both suppliers and will post a solution here as soon as we can.

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