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Saturday, October 11, 2008

jQuery strange caching behaviour on IE8 beta

I hate javascript. And the more you hate it, the more you'll like jQuery. Usually it shelves us from browser implementations, this time it didn't.

I have a standard pair of dropdowns with depending values I'm loading with jQuery. Something like:

"ID=" + $(dropdownlistFrom).val(),
function(data) {

On Firefox all works as expected. But on IE8 beta, it activates the caching mechanism! I had to rewrite it to something like:

url: "myJsonService",
cache: false,
dataType: "json",
success: function(data) {
data: "ID=" + $("dropdownFrom").val()

I've also tested on Chrome and Opera working as expected, not caching the data.

Finally I've tested on Safari 3 on Windows, and it just didn't work, cache or no cache! Strange, as jQuery should work on Safari.

Man, I hate javascript...

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