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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Pararede branding

On the early 2000s I remember having a conversation with a friend about name branding, and used Pararede as an example.

Pararede started its business on networking infrastructures, hence the name (in english something like "For-net"). But the company grew out of its early market and the name just stopped making sense.

On that conversation I advocated Pararede should change its name. My friend disagreed, as a brand's name is a value asset that takes ages to build.

Well, it seems like Pararede opted to change it's name after all. Now it's called Glintt. How strange, a Web2 like name on a company like Pararede...

If you're reading this post, my friend, I'm imaging your reaction: "this doesn't mean they are right, they could be making a big mistake". Well, you're right, Borland did go forth and back to Inprise, only time will tell.


Well, Glintt is not really Pararede rebrandind, is more like the result of Pararede and Consiste merge. Still Pararede is acquiring Consiste...


1 comment:

Magalhães said...

Pararede is not acquiring Consiste they are merging in equal parts, therefore the new Branding makes sense.

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