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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Google Chrome just got fatter

Yeap, Google Chrome now has extensions! We can say bye bye to the minimalist approach, but hello to many goodies.

Here are some of the most popular extensions – yes, there’s a basic ad blocker:

Google Mail Checker


-  115,343 users

Displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox. You can also click the button to...



-  70,693 users

Blocks ads on websites. Includes the EasyList ad filter list as of 9 Dec 2009.

Google Translate


-  69,760 users

This extension translates entire webpages into a language of your choice with one click. By the...

RSS Subscription Extension


-  49,322 users

Adds one-click subscription to your toolbar

Google Wave Notifier


-  37,235 users

Displays number of unread Waves.

Xmarks for Chrome Beta


-  35,478 users

Xmarks for Chrome Beta is a beta preview of Xmarks for Chrome


Please note: you’ll have to install version 4 beta.

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