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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Installing ESXi 4.0

Here are my notes on my last ESXi installation:

1. Download and burn CD from VMWare – the Dell customized version for a PowerEdge 2950

VMware ESXi 4.0 with Dell Customization
Version 4.0.0 | 181792 - 08/07/09
Binary (.iso) (417 MB)
Image for ESXi Installable that includes Dell customization.
md5sum: 0ff898e830a095abb2275181175e065e

2. Installing ESXi

Not much to say here. Basically set the password and configured the 1st network adapter.

3. Activated SSH (here’s where I’ve learned about this)

  • At the console, hit ALT-F1
  • type unsupported and hit <enter> (NOTE: you won’t see what your typing until you hit enter…)
  • login
  • edit /etc/inetd.conf
  • uncomment the ssh line
  • restart the services (services.sh restart)

We can now get the hell out of the datacenter :)


4. Install vSphere client

  • HTTP the server, downloaded and installed vSphere client to my workstation
  • On Windows 7 you have to fix it. Here the long and the short version


5. Install ftp server (here’s where I’ve learned about this)

  • Downloaded OEM.tgz
  • Uploaded to the datastore using the datastore browser
  • On an SSH session, copied it to /bootbank/oem.tgz
  • Added to /etc/inetd.conf:
    • ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/proftpd proftpd
  • Reboot

And there you go, you’ve got an ftp server on your ESXi! For client ESXi has native support as:


6. Install some precious tooling

  • Your favorite ftp client
  • VMWare Converter


Please remember:

  • by default, VMWare Converter chooses flat files
  • after uploading to the server your VMWare Server or Player versions, you’ll have to convert it: vmkfstools -d thin -i source.vmdk destination.vmdk.


Thanks for the support Rasteiro :)

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