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Monday, January 04, 2010

Bing vs google: oops

Ok, nowadays I can use either bing or google and hardly find any great difference. But sometime I still get some glitches in the matrix:



Tiago Epifânio said...

With so many things you can criticize Microsoft for, you had to fuss over this?
Is it that wrong?
You should try the correct notation which is (works for google and bing): "540 USD to EUR".
The $ sign can mean so many things that maybe bing is not really wrong.
$ could be the Brazilian real, Nicaraguan córdoba, Tongan pa'anga or the very similar cifrão for the old Portuguese escudo. See wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/$_(disambiguation)
Why should we assume $ to be the american dollar?

Mário Romano said...

Probably because it is the standard "de facto". Please note that bing didn't complain about an ambiguity, it " sensed" it as an USD to EUR conversion :) And that, right or wrong, google did "sense" what I wanted.

Are you turning into a Microsoft evangelist, Tiago? :P

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