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Sunday, January 10, 2010

HTC Hero boot time sucks!

I’ve been trying out an HTC Hero. It’s a fair equipment with some cool functionalities, but there’s one little detail that doesn’t seem aligned with Google’s objectives: it takes ages to boot!

Here’s my experience:

Boot to desktop 1:34
desktop loading time 1:03
total 2:37

My Windows 7 boots considerably faster!

Please note that desktop loading time doesn’t allow me to use the mobile, so I have a 2:37 total boot time.

Probably some of this time is spent on the Android agenda widget.

Still a cool mobile.


shexbeer said...

I Never turn my Hero off so the Boot Time doesnt bug me. I discovered no bugs since i bought this gadget

Mário Romano said...

I have no doubts about it, most users will use Hero for months with no problem. But I'm afraid I'm not the typical user, and installed so many apps that the phone as stopped responding for a couple of times. I consider it normal, there is no bug free system, its ok to fail.

Great little phone.

shexbeer said...

If you are not the typical user then install Modaco custom Rom with apps2sd and you will never expirience a problem with diskspace or RAM.

Mário Romano said...

Thanks, seems like an excellent idea, I'll give it a try

shexbeer said...

Keep me updated what experiences you make =) I follow your blog on twitter

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