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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The future of Virtual Machines

Now that virtual machines are everywhere and that my dream of lightweighted hypervisors monitoring virtual machines on every laptop is get closer, here's another great concept: www.mokafive.com. MokaFive delivers "virtual desktops as a service" to help customers manage thousands of virtual desktops running a variety of operating systems and resolve key security issues remotely. Here a nice demo.

I'm not the only lunatic to believe on virtual machines on personal computing. According to eWeek:

Natalie Lambert, an analyst at Forrester Research, predicts that in five years or so virtual machine software will be how most personal computing is done.

But Natalie goes further:

"It can be hosted in a data-center cloud, running on a desktop or some combination of the two. Personally, I think the greatest potential is for virtual desktop computing hosted in a data center. Imagine Google owning your desktop, and it’s available to you wherever you are.”

Makes sense. We came a long way since CP/CMS...

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