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Friday, April 25, 2008

I hate when the limits are not technical ones

Window XP sets a limit of 1 remote desktop session. As we all know, the limit is not technological, but based on licensing reasons. Some people at Redmond are probably afraid that some organizations defect to other OSs and leave a bunch of virtualized remote XP serving the legacy apps that couldn't be ported yet.

Myself and the organization I work for aren't planning on leaving Microsoft OSs but still need multi-session login on XP. Why? To get our labs working on out virtual servers. We usually setup some XP virtual machines with the next generation tools - a bunch of betas, CTPs and previews that must match each other so we never install them on our stable environments.

We love to experiment we cool new technology, but end up wasting useful resources with the 1 session limit from XP. Sure, we can use Windows 2003 Server, but the limit is only lifted up to 2. Sure we could probably use the (legally?) beta 2055 release of XP PRO SP2, but the limit would only raise to 3 and we'd couldn't add the machine to a domain.

Now that the XP extremely long live has probably paid several times what Microsoft as spend developing it, it would be cool if Microsoft opened this silly limit. What would probably be a fair agreement for Microsoft and consumer interests was opening that limit for remote connections coming from computers holding Microsoft CALs.

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