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Saturday, April 26, 2008

W2K8 64bits as desktop - the downside

Now that I have Windows Server 2008 Server 64-bits as my desktop for a while, here's the list of annoyances:

  • VMWare doesn't work as smoothly as in other OSs; after a lot of crashes with VMWare player and Server 2, I've finally decided to use good old VMWare Server 1 - yes, I have to boot with unsigned drivers option;
  • Hyper-V still sucks up all the memory we throw it - unlike VMWare, that wisely manages usage as needed; on the bright side, it is faster then Virtual PC; the porting from Virtual PC / Server is just too bad to be true, as it makes you uninstall the Virtual PC / Server drivers only Virtual PC / Server...;
  • activating Hyper-V disables standby and hybernation;
  • most of plugins doesn't work on IE 64bits - no problem, just run 32 bit version;
  • still sucking up too much memory - if you don't have 4GB, probably not an option;
  • no SIP phone - well, this is also true on 32bits;~

I'm about to get another laptop - I'll probably try the Windows Server 2008 32-bits now.

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