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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How I got my Windows Server 2008 to burn DVDs...

Yesterday I've found out I my explorer couldn't write DVDs - no recording tab on the DVD properties.Luckily my PortableApps folder had DeepBurner so I could write the bloody DVD - not before running it as administrator.

So I've googled about it for a while and didn't find a reason. I've finally disabled UAC, rebooted, et voilá! So (at least on my Windows Server 2008 install) you have to disable UAC to burn DVDs on explorer?!?! Can it get more silly and unsafe than this?

Needless to say I'm enabling UAC again. Thank god for DeepBurner....


If someone knows of a policy configuration that can help us here, or of a service that I could have stopped and that guarantees burning experience with UAC on, please let me know :) Thanks in advance.


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Paulo Fernandes said...

Mordac says: "Security is more important than usability. In a perfect world, no one would be able to use anything."

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