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Sunday, August 10, 2008

When old technology strangely works

In the nineties I've collected a lot of experience on application localization - while working on an Office Automation product, Elenix. For that I've been regularly called to help other teams architecting for localization.

It is in that context that I'm helping a team that is working on... Interdev 6! Yes, me, the guy that is always hooked on the next platform still in beta, working with Interdev 6. Uau!...

Interdev 6 localization support is resumed to near nothing, so we had to build some helpers from scratch. Our design decision was to mimic the ASP.NET resources localization approach, preserving the resource schema to facilitate future portings to ASP.NET.

This application depends highly on XSL, so a simple localization template solved most of our problems.

But anyway, I diverge, back to the old technology. Apart from being trapped in time, with poor language, framework, tooling and library support, one thing was cool: scripting! Yes, though a little strange hearing this from a type safe compile-ahead fanatic, it really felt great to get back into such a fast and light development life-cycle. Mental note to self, is scripting always as bad as I've remembered it?...

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