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Friday, August 29, 2008

IE8 rocks!

Though using IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari, the truth is Firefox is the browser I end up spending more time in. This trend may change with IE8 beta2. After a disappointing and unstable Firefox3 (and the first IE8 beta), IE8 Beta 2 is finally showing it's claws!

IE8 is full of new features like WebSlices, Accelerators, auto complete, multiple-engine support (IE7, IE8 compatible and native mode), InPrivate browsing and other cool safety features, out-of-the-box developer tool and finally a decent firefox-like text search tool.

Having the possibility to make the sites compatible is an important  asset, now that Microsoft decided to pay the price for not following the standards. What I still lack is the cool FireFox add-ins. Wouldn't it be great if someone developed a Firefox/IE addin translator?...


Cabeleira said...

Try opening hotmail to see how bad it still is.

Mário Romano said...

Hotmail is working fine on my IE8. What did you find diferent?

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