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Monday, August 18, 2008

Smartcode reader on your PDA

devcatharsisSmartCodeHere's a cool smartcode reader application: i-nigma. With your phone camera, you can now read this smartcode 2d barcode information, containing a website link, a message or contact details. Check this bar code and you'll get into devCatharsis! Cool, beeing in devCatharsis :S

Though not new (my company has a lot of experience on this kind of technology on eTicketing), it his cool to see this for everyone, where newspapers can put it everywhere to link the experience back into the web.

What didn't work has planned: on my HTC 3300 the video is inverted, making useless the QR Code option and very difficult to aim. And above all, it can't read good old standard barcode, neither link to barcode databases, so Android Scan is still the killer app to get.

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