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Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Indians and weather bureau

The Indian Chief phoned the weather bureau and asked if the next winter would by harsh. The weather bureau predicted some rain so the Indians started collecting some wood for a rainy winter. As they approached winter this queries continued, the weather bureau forecasts got rainier and the Indians kept chopping more wood.

Finally the Indian Chief starts doubting about the increasingly worse winter forecasts and the weather man assures: “Have no doubt about it, we have been receiving consistent information that the Indians are cutting wood like there is no tomorrow!”

I’m working on a urban traffic and re-rerouting project – well, a prospect for now. This class of problems is a little tricky, you can imagine the level of decisions our algorithm as to cope with (just imagine if a re-routing alert was accepted by all drivers!…) These problems are particularly hard because a small choice can quickly re-arrange dramatically all of the network of information, quickly out-dating and probably condemning the choice itself… Oh well, so here’s why a partner on the meeting told me the joke I’m sharing :)

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