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Monday, July 13, 2009

No Windows 7 RTM announced… yet…

Apart from a supposed RTM thrown at the torrents (a build 7600) no RTM has been announced nor released today. I’m betting that this 7600 is a bogus, at least as RTM, the early torrents releases were probably put there by Microsoft to assure free publicity and motivation for installation (for some strange reason called progress human kind doesn’t get excited with easy tasks. And Microsoft won’t ever upload an RTM, Microsoft no longer sponsors pirating their own software... It will get to the torrents, no doubt about it, but it will be first be delivered at least to MSDN subscribers.

Let’s wait a couple of days and see what happens. Is Microsoft managing the announcement cycle away from Silverlight 3?…


bink.nu sources seems to confirm the RTM as 7600.win7_rtm.090710-1945. That’s the torrents version. Could it be?….



According to windows blog:

We are close, but have not yet signed off on Windows 7. When we RTM you will most certainly hear it here. As we’ve said all along, we will RTM Windows 7 when it’s ready. As previously stated, we expect Windows 7 to RTM in the 2nd half of July.

And their advice:

I am using one of the so-called “leaked” builds of Windows 7, how will I know if it is the real deal?

As always, beware of what you download. There are many bogus copies of Windows 7 floating around the Internet. More often than not, they contain a rather nice malware payload. And don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. When Windows 7 hits RTM, it will be announced here. Until that happens, any builds you are likely to see on the web are either not the final bits or are laced with malicious code.

Ok, so I did download the leaked version though I firmly believe this is a bogus one, so what? :) Some of the better builds I’ve installed came were leaked versions :) I’l probably wait for the final version…

This will probably be one of the first site that announces the RTM, so let’s stay tuned.


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paipo said...

I have a date for RTM, but also a NDA :-)

Just to tease you...

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