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Friday, July 31, 2009

These days, people outsource just about anything!

Here’s a cool example that just popped out on google ad on devcatharsis: ScienceOps. What do they do:

ScienceOps creates, validates, and optimizes algorithms.

Our team of Ph.D. level scientists provides algorithm solutions for your business needs.
Enable your business critical code to produce required results faster, allowing better decisions and opening up new opportunities for your business.

  • Algorithm Development as Firm Fixed Price Contracts
  • 3rd Party Algorithm Validation
  • Algorithm Optimization
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Complex Algorithms
  • Scientific Algorithms
  • Custom Algorithms
  • Rapid Algorithm development
  • Algorithm Design

Customized Algorithms can read, search, analyze large amounts of information, make predictions, are able to make real time split second decisions and adapt and adjust instantly to changes in new input information.

Hey, pretty much a dream work :)

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