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Thursday, July 02, 2009

WSS: recovering an overwritten AllItems.aspx

Let’s start by stating the obvious: you should never assume that the software you’re using can’t be as dumb as that, it often can. That simple assumption itself is quite dumb. And that is how I’m feeling right now: dumb.

I was saving an excel worksheet into WSS and copied the full path from IE including AllItems.aspx! So what our friend WSS decided to do: it uploaded my excel into AllItems.aspx! Argh!!! I’ve lost access to my library!!!

The solution I’ve found was to create a new default view. The majority of binged results suggested an alternative approach: using Sharepoint Designer to copy AllItems.aspx from another library.


Here’s how:

Site Settings > Site Libraries and Lists > Customize "My Library"  > Views > Create View > Standard View > “AlternativeAllItems”     [X] Make this the default view


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