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Friday, July 25, 2008

Fighting for my rights paid off

Here in Portugal ISP customer rights are often neglected by our ISPs. I change my ISP operator every now and then, always looking for better quality of service and price.

A couple of months ago I changed back to Zon (NetCabo). I was used to the poor technical service all ISPs observed, but I wasn't prepared for this: I was offered a 47€ monthly fee, and was charged 53,6€!

After a couple of days wasting hours on the phone trying to correct the value, I finally gave up and asked for the contract cancellation. The operator said they would have to redirect the call to a "special team".

The "special team" are the folks they redirect the calls to maintain the customer. They tried to offer me a deal, which I refused. I told them I already had my deal, they just weren't honoring it! I told them they where proposing me what I already had making it look like a gift!

And then the "special team" very politely offered me 42€ monthly fee. Uau, what a nice proposal! I've accepted it immediately!

Let's hope that this verbal contract works better then the first one.


My service remains same as before:

  • cable tv (classic)
  • 8Mbps/512Kbps (no traffic limit)
  • phone (traffic included for Portugal land lines)


PS: the actual offer was 40,09€ - I've used the prices with the original 21% VAT for a correct comparison - VAT was lowered to 20% from the start of the contract.

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