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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yet another .NET community guy at Microsoft

Ok, this is just beginning to get silly, now it was CastleProject's Hammett's time. As I've mentioned earlier:

Yet another .NET blogger and open source contributor sets sails to Redmond. Now was Rod Conery's time, the SubSonic guy, and the lucky team is yet again ScottGu's dream team.

I'm afraid this trend can turn against Microsoft in the long run. These people were in fact working for Microsoft's interests, just out of Microsoft's roll pay. They were helping creating great software over Microsoft technologies, and creating communities around it. And they were credible, not just because of their recognized competence, but also because they were independent. Hope they keep up with the pace they had.

The good thing is that he will continue working on Castle.

Hanselman, Haack, Conery, Hammet... When will this end?

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