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Sunday, January 27, 2008

32 bit memory limits

Here's a great post about 32 bit by process and 32 bit total limits. His advice is:

  1. Keep your video memory to a minimum. This will allow you to use as much of the 4 GB of RAM as possible
  2. Go 64-bit and keep your eyes peeled for the programs that really take advantage of it. But beware. Some 32-bit applications can cause you some grief.
    1. Make sure your chipset supports at least 8GB of address space.
    2. Ensure the CPU supports the x64 instruction set.
    3. Get 64-bit Vista.
  3. Make sure any new hardware that you purchase supports PAE.
  4. Enable PAE in Windows using the BCDEdit /set command. But be aware of the risks (see above).
  5. Look for applications that support AWE and PAE.
  6. Keep your RAM requirement under (gasp!) 3 GB.
Here's another one from Atwood.

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