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Sunday, January 06, 2008

For those who love Linux and hate Apple

Definitely not my case, for much as I like Windows, I love above all the OS-diversity. But for those who love Linux and hate Apple, here are some reasons:

  • Apple has Microsoft Office, Linux doesn’t;
  • Apple has Adobe Creative Suite, Linux doesn’t;
  • Apple has easily accessed and easy to use service and support, Linux doesn’t;
  • Apple is driven by someone who has some understanding of end-user needs, Linux is not:
According to this site:

In the last two years, OS X has seen continual growth, from 4.21% in Jan 2006 (the first month of figures), to 5.67% in December 2006, to 7.31% in December 2007.

In the same time, Linux’s percentage has risen from only 0.29% to 0.63%. Although depending on how you apply the maths—you can put a positive slant on that by saying it’s more than doubled—the cold truth is Linux on the desktop is still barely worth mentioning. To paraphrase: reports of its life have been greatly exaggerated.

Please note that the 7.3% share is not a pacific one. But the trend is definitively there.

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