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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Why are we still starting projects over NetTiers?

I'm helping starting a new project over a not so new technology like NetTiers. The question you people may very well ask is: why not the Entity Framework or something cooler?

Though not easy, the answer is clear: we tend to privilege proven technology over the uncertainty of new technologies. Well, at least on big projects.

Prior to jumping into new technology, we test-drive it on internal projects, and introduce them on key projects when we are sure about the technology success and maturity (whether proven by us or by others). For instance, that was what we did with NHibernate, and that's what we're internally preparing with Entity Framework.

Nettiers is or projects's bread and butter. It's not avant-guard, but it is something we all feel comfortable with, standardizing our projects, leveraging layers, security and instrumentation.

On the other side, we all want to grab the next big thing. But on most projects, it will have to wait :)

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