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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Windows 7 M1

I've been holding back posting about Windows 7, mostly because I haven't tried it yet (mental note: this time try getting it from Microsoft, the Windows 7 torrents for now seem like fakes).

The good thing about not accessing a preview is that I'm not bound to an NDA, so I can post pretty much what I feel like :)

Many claim from a recently distributed roadmap for Windows 7 release to manufacturing in H2 2009. I have many doubts about this date.

Even if Windows 7 was a Vista facelift, this would be an achievement - just the betas and RCs cycle would eat up most of the time until H2 2009. The thing is Windows 7, according to some sources, shares most of Vista UI, making changes where it hurts: under the hood. On the other hand, it is possible that Microsoft is hiding UI changes and trying out only the kernel changes, much like the auto industry does when trying out new cars on the road, with a masked look.

These sources state Windows 7 features:

  • build 6.1.6519 - clearly an intermediate numbering
  • supporting heterogeneous graphics system consisting of multiple graphics cards even from different vendor
  • new revamped version of media center
  • The GUI [...] is very much like Vista [...] very responsive, using barely 480MB of memory after boot
  • Gadgets are now integrated into explorer
  • The start menu features a pin besides each item
  • XAML fonts, called the “Composite Fonts” are now added to the font folder
  • A new application is added, dubbed the “XPS Viewer”
  • The feedback tool - lists the “pillars” of Win 7”network aware”, with improved connection tools and detections. It will have the ability to detect which network you’re in and switch your settings and devices accordingly; with Live account, you can carry your IE settings and favorites with you;
  • Gadget data caching;
  • New Calculator, Paint, and Wordpad using WPF
  • install to desktop in 10 mins with only 1 reboot
  • instant streaming;
  • better battery mileage
  • A new boot screen
Hope I can get a Windows 7 copy real soon, and above all that I can get authorization to post it back here. Then we'll see if this review I'm referring to is worth the time you are spending reading it.

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