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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Remember NCSA Mosaic?

NCSA Mosaic is the grandfather of the internet browsers. I though we couldn't run it on our present OSs, but I was wrong, we can still run this 15 years old (yeap, 1993) piece of history!

I've first tried it on my Vista on the Office, but couldn't get it to connect - this version doesn't support proxying. I've installed it (ok, just copy 4 files I got from olddos.org) on an XP back at home, and it's working! Here's a screenshot:

Oh, that grey background... does brings back memories...

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but it doesn't support javascript neither CSS. And when it crashes, it crashes with a GPF!

I've them run Netscape 0.4 on my Vista, but apache.org was pretty much all I could see.

Lets thank olddos.org for keeping these bits. And please check this site, as it is loaded with other goodies.

I forgot to mention: Mosaic couldn't browse neither google.com, devcatharsis.blogspot.com and microsoft.com - probably why it failed to get to our era :)

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