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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sony shows the claws...

As promised, Sony is showing its claws: the upcoming 2.0 player profile will require Blu-ray players to be networked! So Sony will double the wins:

  1. PS3 is now the best positioned Blu-Ray player;
  2. Changing DRM keys and disabling players will be easier than ever;
The complete requirements are:
2.0 is the profile of the future, requiring the two secondary decoders, 1GB of local storage for updates and content, and an Internet connection.
More, early adopters are going to be frozen out of the latest and greatest Blu-ray features.

I did warn you about the danger of one company controlling too much of this market ...

Read about it at ArsTechnica


André Cardoso said...

Even though I don't like any of these formats becaus of it's DRM paraphernalia, HD-DVD REQUIRED internet connection from day 1 (as by the article in ArsTechnica)...

Hopefully both the formats will lose against video downloaded (not streamed) over the internet (and video formats/codecs define a "de facto" standard as MP3 did for music).

Mário Romano said...

I'm afraid that's not the point, at least not as I see it. From the some artice, for me the point is:

With the upcoming 2.0 player profile requiring Blu-ray players to be networked, Sony finally gets to play its trump card: the PlayStation 3 [...]

The point is about changing the rules while the game is being played. As ARSTechnica says:

Still, this means that roughly 15 percent of the early adopters are going to be frozen out of the latest and greatest Blu-ray features with BD-Live. That's bad news for current owners of stand-alone players [...]

Basically, Sony is making sure PS3 will win over other HD readers. At least, that's my opinion.

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