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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Changing from NHibernate back to NetTiers

I'm helping another team to startup their project. For database they will use is SQLServer, so their's no excuse to stop using our standard out-of-the-box solution on this kind of projects: NetTiers.

Don't get me wrong, NetTiers is great. NetTiers garantees:

  • generation of repetitive and mundane coding;
  • code generated according to P&P's Designing Data Tier Components and Passing Data Through Tiers;
  • the projects architecture does not depends solely on the architect;
  • the standardization of our code base - which not only raises internal know-how about the this layers, but also helps swapping coders between projects;
  • the projects are guaranteed to scale - they are so conservative :);
  • more precise metrics - it's easier to define metrics on code generators then over developers;
But NetTiers has it's own limitations. Here are the ones the team is finding harder to deal with:
  • architecting over a logical model, not a conceptual one like on NHibernate;
  • lack of support for inheritance;
Oh, well, NetTiers has still much to offer us. Let's live with it - at least because we invested so much on then past designing UI templates :)

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