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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

As geek as I can get

Ok, I admit it, I'm a geek. Only a technologically disturbed geek would photoshop his picture as a form of art, faking playing an instrument he knows nothing about. Not only a geek, worse then that, a megalomaniac one! Wake up! Development is not an art! It was supposed to be an industry!

Having a bunch of computers at work didn't stop me. Using all USB ports was not enough. Neither having a datacenter at home, nor posting like hell on this pathetic little blog. I had to portrait myself playing the violin on a laptop! Worst of all, I even posted the darn picture! Arghhh!

Oh, well, this exercise of futile self-worship has got to stop :) Until then, this will probably be the next devcatharsis logo. Next logo? Like devcatharsis has ever had a logo...

Hey, and if you feel a sudden rush to help this poor blind violinist please don't hesitate to use my AdSense links :) Or in he words of a great advertisement genius I met begging on the streets of San Francisco: "Why lie, it's for beer. Help the beerless." In my case: "Why lie, it's for gadgets. Help the gadgetless."

PS: I haven't seen me in pictures for ages - boy am I fat!...

Here's my next logo:

[update II]
On 2007.12.23, here's my next attempt:


Paulo Fernandes said...

I've given you some help. I've made an appointment for you at Av. Brasil 53a - Lisboa.

PS: Don't mind those sleeveless shirts.

Mário Romano said...

Hi Paulo,

Eh, eh, eh, you're going down with me. Other than photoshoping your photo in a geek disturbed way, you meet the rest of the requirements I posed :)

Paulo Fernandes said...

Definitely. That's why it was so easy for me to get your appointment. I'm a regular :)

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