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Friday, December 07, 2007

Learning the Model View Presenter Pattern

Now that ASP.NET MVC is about to CTP, please don't forget the MVP. Uau, I've managed to write a phrase full of acronyms!

Bil Simser has just posted:

The guys over at Patterns and Practices got it right. They've put together a package (available via a CodePlex project here) on learning and understanding the Model View Presenter Pattern (MVP). It's kind of a "mini-guidance" package and not the big behemoth you normally see from these guys that:

  • Provides guidance on how MVP to promotes testability and separation of concerns within the UI
  • Illustrates how to implement MVP with standard ASP.NET
  • Illustrates how to implement MVP with ASP.NET and the Composite Web Application Block

The package contains full documentation on the pattern, unit tests, and source code (for both WinForms and CAB) demonstrating it. Very nice and very easy to digest! Check it out here if you're just getting started and want to see what MVP is about.

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