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Sunday, December 23, 2007

.NET Ajax Survey results

Here they are:

  1. most used Ajax toolkit is ASP.NET Ajax, with 73,7%, followed by the Ajax Control Toolkit which is used by almost half of the .NET developer that are using Ajax
  2. Adding to the ranks of the ASP.NET Ajax users also the ones that only checked the Control Toolkit, the final percentage grows to 84%: this means that 8 out of 10 .NET developers use ASP.NET Ajax.
  3. Partial Rendering / Update Panel: 91,8% (oops...)
  4. If 97% of the developers is using Webforms, it also means that 3% of them is not using it.
    What are these hard core developers using?

    Option Response %
    ASP.NET MVC 45,5%
    MonoRail 27,3%
    SubSonic 13%
    WCSF 9%
    (uau, MVC is rocking!)
  5. There is still one category of developers: the ones doing only ASP Classic development. They are only 7 (0,7%) and are mostly using hand coded Ajax calls (60%). (my comment: we have to be careful about this reading, it can be misleading if we try and read as "there are less then 1% of classic ASP programmers over there...")

Can I ask Simone Chiaretta for a Christmas present? I'd like to have a similar survey on data tier frameworks. Thanks in advance :)

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