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Friday, December 28, 2007

Pex: Dynamic Analysis and Test Generation for .NET

Here's a nice R&D project I found reading Andrew Stopford's blog: Pex.

According to Pex:

Pex (Program EXploration) is an intelligent assistant to the programmer. By automatically generating unit tests, it helps to find bugs early. In addition, it suggests to the programmer how to fix the bugs. Watch the screencast!

Pex enables a new development experience in Visual Studio Team System, taking test-driven development to the next level. Pex analyzes .NET applications. From a parameterized unit test, it automatically produces traditional unit tests cases with high code coverage. Moreover, when a generated test fails, Pex can often suggest a bug fix.

Pex performs a systematic program analysis. It records detailed execution traces of existing test cases. Pex learns the program behavior from the execution traces, and a constraint solver produces new test cases with different behavior. The result is a minimal test suite with maximal code coverage. When a test fails, Pex uses detailed dataflow information to determine the root cause and a potential bug fix.

Cool! Hope it can get out of the R&D lab and get to see the light of day :)

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