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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Scaffolding in ASP.NET

Dynamic Data is the scaffolding mechanism on ASP.NET - we can finally understand why BLINQ was abandoned.

Scaffolding in ASP.NET is just as easy as creating a "Dynamic Data Web Application", enabling a setting on web.config and firing away a complete application.

I have no problem with the dynamic approach - just love the capability to work over generic templates, keeping the possibility to implement particular implementations whenever needed. The question I have to ask is: why in hell does ASP.NET keep insisting on writing this cumbersome user interfaces?

Do you know of many web applications that can be built with such user interfaces? People use radio buttons and check boxes to select rows in grids and seldom edit data on the grid itself. Yes, we can customize the templates, but isn't this a missed opportunity to standardize UIs?

My final question is: shouldn't this implementation be MVC based? How can we evangelize MVC when the coolest and more productive project just doesn't support it out of the box?

Oh, well, still a nice feature...

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