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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Red Gate SQL Data Generator 1.0 Beta

From the guys beyond SQLPrompt (code completion for SQL Server), this tool is aimed at generating test data for SQL Server databases, from scratch or from existing sources of data like SQL tables or CSV files.


  • Full SQL Server 2000 and 2005 support
  • All data types supported except CLR types
  • Pre & Post Scripts execution
  • Command-line access version
  • Import data from CSV or SQL tables
  • Customizable generator settings that allow configuring the amount of nulls, unique values, minimum and maximum values, etc..
  • Diverse range of inbuilt generators

On my first test I didn't find a simple dictionary generator like we have on hour internal generators. Oh well...

Heard it from David Hayden.

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Lovemore said...

There is a generator under the Generic category called FileList, which can be pointed at any file with a list of words in. If you think there are any missing generators please let us know on the beta forum. You can also download the tool from here.

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