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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Volta: the promised land?

Here's a project I haven't heard about for long: Volta. Not a promise anymore, it reached CTP.

Here's a nice post about it:

Programmers write web applications using familiar .NET languages, libraries, and tools. Volta splits the application into multiple parts potentially running on different tiers, say, client and server. Client code needs only a minimal, JavaScript-enabled browser, though Volta will take advantage of additional runtimes that may be present.

Programmers simply refactor classes that need to run on tiers other than the client and Volta injects the boilerplate code for communication, serialization, synchronization -- all the remoting code. The developer enjoys all of the benefits of .NET: a great debugger, test tools, profiling, intellisense, refactorings, etc.


Erik Meijer: Volta - Wrapping the Cloud with .NET - Part 1

Erik Meijer: Volta - Wrapping the Cloud with .NET - Part 2

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